Design it yourself…
Designer's choice: streamlined with charm...

Designer's choice: streamlined with charm...

A picture on Instagram led me to designer Bruno Jakobsen, who had incorporated a RAIS inset into a wall built specifically for it.

How daring are you?

How daring are you?

Design with colour – and stoves.

How does a stove become an integral part of your interior design? How does it work together with the rest of the interior and, not the least, with the colours you want in your home?

Fish and stoves

Fish and stoves

Touring Skagen

What do fish and stoves have in common? The link between the two may be difficult to spot! And yet...I was recently in Skagen to visit Jacob, a cook at Skagen Food.

Relish the little things – like making Danish snobrød (mini breads) on Ra…
Circle is for kids, too...
Easier to carry firewood in – with Woody ☺
Designer's choice: streamlined with charm...


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