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Situated in a Swedish mountain landscape, with snow, tall trees and ski slopes in the back garden, it’s no exaggeration to say that the view from this lovely cabin is stunning. Indoors the scenery is no less impressive: the house was built in 2022 with beautiful, carefully chosen materials that reflect the nature surrounding the house. 

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Inside, the cabin’s built-in fireplace makes for a striking contrast to the frosty air outdoors. After a long day on the slopes, some cosy indoor time hits the spot. Warmth is welcomed from every conceivable source: a hot cup of coffee, tea or cocoa, warm slippers, a wrap-around blanket, and not least the all-important warmth from a lit fireplace. 

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And there, at the centre of the house, a Visio 3L spreads the warmth and familiar scent of a fire. The fireplace installation is beautiful yet raw, clad in stone – a striking contrast to the soft, dancing flames visible from all angles throughout the eat-in kitchen. 
With the exceptional view of the flames and the door that slowly and silently slides up to allow more firewood to be thrown on the fire, tranquillity can descend on the room after a long day of outdoor fun. 

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Photo credits: Spismiljöbutiken in Helsingborg, Sweden 

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