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Visio Uniq in a cabin in Norway

In the scenic surroundings of Fagerlia in Norway stands an impressive cottage that combines modern design with the aesthetics of nature. Arne Hjelset and Birgit Hoeyland, the owners of the cabin, have worked with Neohytter to create a winter paradise that complements the surrounding landscape and provides unique views of Sylan, Roltdalen and the Skarvan mountains.


The cabin is a masterpiece of simple Nordic design and natural materials. With a special focus on location and a sense of space, every detail was carefully considered – from the strategically placed windows that maximise the view to the interior design that creates warmth and a relaxing atmosphere.

A key element of the cabin design is the fireplace insert, a RAIS Visio Uniq, chosen for its minimalist design and the functional warmth it brings. With glass on three sides, this wood-burning stove not only provides essential warmth and light during the dark winter months, but also serves as an aesthetic centrepiece in the room. It was also chosen for its frameless construction, which allows maximum, undisturbed views of the flames.


They have created more than just a cabin – they have created a home that reflects their love for nature, their passion for skiing and their understanding of quality design. The RAIS Visio Uniq fireplace insert is a symbol of the heart of the cabin, combining functionality with timeless elegance, making this cabin a perfect example of how RAIS products can enhance exclusive homes and cabins.


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