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The perfect match for residential architecture and design

The famous Danish architects Friis and Moltke were renowned for their no-nonsense architectural design and preference for strong, durable materials, and they were the key source of inspiration when Art Director & Motion Designer Niels-Ole Schmidt designed his new home.

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The result is a house distinguished by raw, solid materials, clean geometric lines, and an excellent connection between the rooms where large window walls create a feeling of airiness and invite nature and light inside.

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A RAIS Visio 70 RD gas fireplace functions as a monumental room divider, separating the kitchen and dining area from the living room and offering a beautiful view of the fire in both spaces. 

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Built into a wall made of painted black, fire-resistant sheets and connected to a gas bottle through concealed tubes under the floors, the fireplace insert is fully integrated into the architectural design and expression of the house.

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” The choice fell on a gas insert from RAIS, as it offered me the opportunity to create a solution where the fireplace is a completely integrated element in the architectural design of my home. Moreover, gas is an easy and convenient solution that allows my family and I to enjoy a cosy fireplace ambience even on busy days – literally at the touch of a button.” – Niels-Ole Schmidt

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Oktober 2022 

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