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Wood burning stoves

RAIS sets new standards for the ways to heat your home. We have a wide range of unique solutions designed and created according to Scandinavian design tradition, where we combine solid craftsmanship with new technology, innovative functionality and timeless aesthetic expression.

See our selection of wood-burning stoves


RAIS Nexo 100

Absolutely clean lines. Made for the modern home with stylistically pure architecture. 

RAIS Nexo 120

Absolutely clean lines. Made for the modern home with stylistically pure architecture. 

RAIS Viva L 100

Circular! Plenty of fire! A host of different options! – complete with a glass door

RAIS Viva L 120

Circular! Plenty of fire! A host of different options! – complete with a glass door

RAIS Viva L 160

Circular! Lots of fire! Many options! Here, with glass door and extra height.

RAIS Pilar

Circular, offering an extra broad view to the flames via the luxurious glass door.


Here is RAIS' new functional and simple stove with Cubist look.

RAIS Q-Tee wall-mounted

Q-Tee, wall-mounted, makes a different, modern and elegant contribution to the interior design of your home

RAIS Q-Tee 2

RAIS Q-Tee II is a smaller stove with a very large combustion chamber

RAIS Q-Tee 2 C

New design with round shape, high efficiency and numerous options...


With its fantastic large door, this stove in super trendy cubist style makes the fire have a phenomenal effect in the room

RAIS Bionic Fire

This is a super ”green” stove, which is more eco-friendly than you could ever imagine possible


This beautiful and functional new stove has an elegant, rounded front, oblique sides and does not take a lot of space.

RAIS Rina Soapstone

Rina soapstone sets new standards for elegance and use of a stove.


Juno is an ultramodern, well, almost sculptural wood-burning stove

RAIS Juno Ceramic

Delicate, mat white surface on heat-accumulating stone…

Guide: Things to consider before choosing your new stove

There are many things to consider when choosing a stove. There are many different kinds – with respect to design, size and features. You may also be considering which stove has the longest service life, is most user-friendly or provides the best heating efficiency.

Read on and discover which stove is the right one for you.

Consider the stoves size:

This mostly concerns what your heating needs are for the room your stove is going to heat. If you will be using the stove primarily for heating and not just for pleasure, you can apply the general rule of thumb that a stove heats 10 m2 per kilowatt. A 7 kW stove can thus heat up to 70 m2.

Consider the stoves location:

It is important to keep in mind where you want to place the stove and whether you want a free-standing stove or a built-in stove insert. The location determines, for instance, whether the stove requires a top or back outlet to the chimney. At the same time, the floor must be able to tolerate the weight of the stove, and flammable materials must be kept at a certain safety distance from the stove. Always check national legislation on the topic.

Consider the chimneys condition:

Always check whether the chimney lives up to the national requirements for connecting stove and chimney. You should check, for instance that the chimney is air tight and that it draughts correctly. You can have a chimney sweep check whether your chimney is in order.

Consider what you want the stove to look like:

The stoves design is mostly about what you like. Round, square, high, low... There are plenty of options, and you should choose the ones that work best for precisely your home. At, you can see the different handles, colours, height and other options.

Consider what extra functions you want:

All RAIS stoves have window cleaning, which means that the heat from the fire flows down over the pane and keeps it free of soot. In addition, you can opt to add the CleverAir function, which is an automatic damper that ensures optimal combustion. That way, you dont have to think about opening and closing the damper yourself – all you have to do is add firewood. If you want a fast and easy way to light a fire, you can opt for a gas stove, which can be lit with a simple press of a remote control.

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