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Unique 70s house with a new RAIS stove

Between 1960 and 1980, the construction of single-family houses in Denmark was booming. 450,000 detached houses were springing up, and Danes were moving from apartment blocks to suburban neighbourhoods. In 1978, this house in Lind was built, designed by architects Torben Rix and Leif Jensen, and it was named ”House of the Year” by the home magazine Bo Bedre.

In the spring of 2023, 45 years later, a new family moved into the house. They were fascinated by the architectural details and, most importantly, by the house’s distinctive and original 70s style, which still appeals to a new generation of homebuyers.


One of the original features of the house was a RAIS 1 wood-burning stove made of solid wrought iron with extra shelf space for firewood and for keeping the stew warm. The family wanted to preserve the stove, but regulations required that old wood-burning stoves are replaced when changing ownership.


Therefore, the family went on a quest for a suitable replacement that would match the house’s unique style. They chose a 600 MAX, which stylistically mirrors the original RAIS 1. The new stove, of course, features significantly improved combustion and glass on three sides, giving the stove a lighter, more elegant, and contemporary look.


”We were truly disappointed that we couldn’t keep the original RAIS 1 stove. Fortunately, we found a new one with the same style and width and with a rustic design that complements the house’s architecture. We enjoy the beautiful view of the fire from three sides, and the simple, stainless steel handle that matches the flue handle.”
Lise Bilberg, Retail Manager at MSCH Copenhagen 

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