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An architect-designed summer cottage in beautiful surroundings

Summer brings many joys, and one of them is undoubtedly the endless hours spent in a summer cottage. But not all cottages are created equal. Picture a place where architectural finesse meets the simplicity of nature. A place that is both modern and also full of charm. Such a place exists on the beautiful island of Laesoe in the form of an architect-designed summer cottage, in long house style, that conceals a unique interior.

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At the heart of the summer cottage, you will find a RAIS Nexo 100 stove – a combination of Scandinavian design and functionality. Nexo 100 is known for its elegant design and excellent heat output. On breezy summer evenings or stormy winter days, the family gathers around the stove. The crackling fire, combined with the stove’s slim design, creates a feeling of both modern luxury and classic charm.


“Nexo’s handsome, simple design fits in perfectly with the cottage’s streamlined Nordic architecture. It’s clean, modern look with side glass was a conscious choice for us that allowed us to enjoy the view of the flames from all angles in our open kitchen and dining area. There is nothing like sitting down with a hot cup of cocoa after a rainy day and letting yourself be hypnotized by the dancing flames and enjoying the cosiness and tranquillity it creates.” – Maria Larsen


Precisely that atmosphere, that mix of modern architecture and traditional Danish hygge is what makes this summer cottage on Laesoe so unique. It’s a tribute to the simple joys in life, the tranquillity, and those moments when time seems to stand still.


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