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A Visio Uniq in majestic newly constructed home

A masterpiece in richness of detail and design – that's the best way to describe this newly built house. Mai-Britt, one of the residents of the house, has drawn a home with outstanding flair and precision that exudes comfort and style. Every single detail has been considered, from the unique water-honed marble steps, where no two are alike, to the cleverly integrated glass in front of the wood stove, perfectly level-adjusted with the solid oak floor.


This concrete house, clad in stone, stands majestically, and offers a breathtaking view of the lake and city. Inside, raw strength is combined with soft lines, and the spaces flow together in a harmony that invites calm and relaxation.


Inspired by a fireplace she saw in a German crime show, Mai-Britt insisted on a RAIS Visio Uniq - a frameless beauty, perfectly placed in the spacious living room of the house. Sitting on the sofa, the view of the fire is combined with the beautiful nature visible through the large windows.


The home is a fusion of art, homely comfort, and good style. Each room is a balance of function and aesthetics, where artistic works blend with everyday comfort. As Mai-Britt herself describes it: 'It's just a home, but a very special one of its kind, that awakens dreams and creates a unique refuge for the family.'
This is not just a house - it is a lifestyle, a dream realized in concrete, glass, and wood.

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