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  • RAIS Pilar

    RAIS Pilar

  • RAIS Visio 90 3S

    RAIS Visio 90 3S

  • RAIS 600²

    RAIS 600²

  • RAIS Visio 90 RD

    RAIS Visio 90 RD

  • RAIS Visio 3 L

    RAIS Visio 3 L

  • RAIS Q-Be

    RAIS Q-Be

  • RAIS Visio 90 T

    RAIS Visio 90 T

  • RAIS Circle

    RAIS Circle

  • RAIS Viva L 100

    RAIS Viva L 100

Indsatse - RAIS

Fireplace inserts

Clever design with a sense of suspended lightness and superb heat

Indsatse - RAIS

Wood burning stoves

Unique design solutions inspired by a strong Nordic style tradition

Indsatse - RAIS

Gas fireplaces

A blazing fire and genuine fireplace charm – at the press of a button

Indsatse - RAIS


Gorgeous and functional accessories of high quality

Indsatse - RAIS


A warm outdoor gathering place

RAIS Customized – design your own stove

Use our Customizer and design your own wood-burning stove or gas fireplace. Explore and try out our many different design details before making your final choice. Combine a wide variety of features and pick your own colours, handle, height, doors, and much more.

Design it yourself


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Explore our catalogues, where you will find an abundance of inspiration for your home. Admire the clever design that characterises all our stoves, fireplaces and outdoor products, and be inspired by the beautiful images and wonderful stories.

Handsome, brilliantly-crafted high-quality products deserve a little extra. Pick up a catalogue at your nearest dealer, or view it on our website.

In the catalogue, you will find our stoves, inserts, outdoor products and accessories. Our selection of gas fireplaces can be found in our gas magazine.

Nordic design and quality

With a RAIS wood-burning stove or gas fireplace, you are free to design exactly the stove and the style that matches your taste. Explore your inner designer and choose between different elements that come together to give your new wood stove its own unique look. All RAIS wood stoves and gas fireplaces are created in the tradition of Nordic design, which never compromises on quality.

You can also choose from our wide assortment of fireplace inserts. Whether you are building a new home or renovating, a fireplace insert can become the element that gives your home character and X-factor. RAIS fireplace inserts match any architectural style and open up a world of possibilities in interior design. Place your new insert in an existing fireplace, use it as an eye-catching room divider, use it to round a corner, or to connect two rooms.