Design it yourself…
  • RAIS Visio 90 RD Gas

    RAIS Visio 90 RD Gas

  • RAIS Nexo

    RAIS Nexo

  • RAIS Visio 3:1

    RAIS Visio 3:1

  • RAIS Circle

    RAIS Circle

  • RAIS Visio 160 F Gas

    RAIS Visio 160 F Gas

  • RAIS Q-Tee 2

    RAIS Q-Tee 2

  • RAIS Visio 2

    RAIS Visio 2

  • RAIS Viva L gas

    RAIS Viva L gas

Indsatse - RAIS

Fireplace inserts

Clever design with a sense of suspended lightness and superb heat

Indsatse - RAIS

Wood burning stoves

Unique design solutions inspired by a strong Nordic style tradition

Indsatse - RAIS

Gas fireplaces

A blazing fire and genuine fireplace charm – at the press of a button

Indsatse - RAIS


Gorgeous and functional accessories of high quality

Indsatse - RAIS


A warm outdoor gathering place


RAIS Customized – design your own stove

With RAIS Customizer, you can design your stove exactly the way you want it. You can combine a wide variety of features and pick your own colours, handle, height, doors, and much more.

Design it yourself


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