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Accessories for fireplace inserts and stoves

The range of accessories contains everything you need for your stove – from convection grate to firewood basket, fireplace tools and firewood shelving.

We have put our heart and soul in selecting quality materials and working them in the framework of good craftsmanship tradition and in a clever design. The accessories are functional, aesthetic and become even more beautiful thanks to the patina that comes from wear.

The difference is in the details. That the set-up around the stove adds something extra that completes the picture.

See our range of accessories


RAIS Woodframe

This simple suspended frame for firewood frees up floorspace. 

RAIS Woodwall

Elegant steel wall holder with back plate to ensure the firewood does not touch the wall.

RAIS Freestanding Woodwall

Elegant steel wall holder with back plate to ensure the firewood does not touch the wall.

RAIS Woodrack

Firewood that is neatly stacked and held in place with simple black frames creates a rustic, sculptural expression.

RAIS Carry

Architect-designed RAIS Carry reinvents the traditional firewood basket and gives it a new and contemporary expression.

RAIS Woody

Now it is a joy to carry in the firewood…

RAIS Lighting

RAIS Lighting offers luxury storage of briquettes in an elegant aluminium design with leather inserts.

RAIS Buteo

Poker, broom and shovel with a holder in an organically shaped design.

RAIS Tetra

Fireplace tools in a raw and minimalist design that combines steel, iron and concrete.

RAIS Wall Tools

Sculptural - in all its simplicity. These new RAIS fireplace tools are super functional and streamlined.

RAIS Firewood Holder

Available in stainless steel, black or grey.


These very simple and light concrete blocks frame RAIS Visio beautifully.

RAIS AirSystem and Airkit

A solution developed especially for low-energy and thoroughly insulated houses which adds fresh air from the outside directly to the wood-burning stove

RAIS Constant Bench

Fibre-reinforced concrete is an ultra modern material which also is sturdy and durable. 

RAIS Heat Storage Module

Heat storage module for e.g. Rais Pilar. Get a more even heat distribution by adding heat storage stones to your stove.

RAIS Glass Plates

RAIS can offer elegant floor plates of hardened glass, fitting the form of the stove. 

RAIS Convection

Convection grates are available for all our stove insets. 

Coloured flue pipes

Flue pipes in the same colour as the stove create the perfect finish for your stove.

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