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Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace inserts create a fantastic, warm gathering place at the centre of your home – and are furthermore an effective and environmentally friendly heating source. A fireplace insert adds something absolutely unique in relation to the interior design, and it can be installed in a variety of ways. For instance, you can use it as a room divider, so you can enjoy the fire from both sides. Whether you want to include the stove insert as part of a new construction, to replace your current stove, or simply incorporate it into an existing room, RAIS has a large selection of different stove inserts.

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RAIS Visio Tunnel 2:1

Create an architectonic sorcery! And see through the fire...

RAIS Visio 3:1

With extra depth and glass on three sides the stove works beautifully as a room divider. 

RAIS Visio 1

Just a discrete frame around the fire...

RAIS Visio 2

With pane on two sides - a beautiful and elegant corner fireplace...

RAIS Visio 3

With pane on three sides - stunning effect in the room...

RAIS 2:1

This is the stove which brings a new dimension to your home

RAIS 500¹

With glass on one side - beautiful in all its simplicity...

RAIS 500²

With glass on two sides - a distinctive corner fireplace...

RAIS 500³

With glass on three sides - living fire - grand and central in the room.

RAIS 700

Classic design for super minimalistic architect-designed homes

RAIS 900

With its streamlined, broad elegance, RAIS 900 contributes to highlighting the style of your home

RAIS Q-Tee insert

Allows for a cosy fire in otherwise limited space...

RAIS Q-Be insert

A corner insert with pane on two sides

First and foremost, fireplace inserts and fireplace insets create a welcoming warmth in your home. Whats more, an insert adds something entirely unique to the décor. An insert often gives a room simplicity and a streamlined effect. An insert typically becomes a natural gathering point, and the functionality and high quality ensure that you have a stove that will serve as your homes centrepiece for years to come.

At RAIS we offer a wide range of fireplace inserts, so you can find the one that matches your home perfectly. Our inserts and insets are different and unique in their design, with glass on one, two or three sides. They are all technically incredibly well functioning and elegant in both their design and finish.

RAIS constant focus on development has created remarkable results – including for fireplace inserts. We think it is important that each wood-burning stove should live up to the customers expectations.

Strictly economically speaking, a fireplace insert and Inset corresponds to a free-standing wood-burning stove, which is an effective and environmentally friendly heating source. The biggest difference is in the design. Compared to an open fireplace, a fireplace insert is a brilliant upgrade, as it accumulates and releases far more heat than an open fireplace.

Our designs are timeless, simple and streamlined. This creates fantastic opportunities for the personal design of your homes interior.

We produce our own stoves with a high degree of customising. See all your options for co-designing your stove.

For generations, we have delivered quality stoves to Europe, the US and New Zealand from our factory in Frederikshavn, North Jutland, Denmark. We represent a Scandinavian design tradition, which is also recognised and popular internationally.

Thanks to a strong focus on product development, our wood-burning stoves are among the very best in their category, where effective combustion ensures that the stoves environmental data are top notch. 

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