Design it yourself…

Fireplace inserts – modern and exclusive design

With a fireplace insert from RAIS, you get a warm gathering spot in your home. A fireplace insert is:

  • An effective and eco-friendly heating source
  • A cosy gathering spot and a sleek design
  • Easy to integrate in the home in numerous different ways, for instance as a room divider

RAIS 600¹

Square, almost cube-shaped design with glass on one side

RAIS 600²

Unique cubic expression – perfect for a corner with glass on two sides

RAIS 600³

Square design with glass on three sides that beautifully frames the flames

RAIS Visio 3 L

Extra-large panes on three sides create a fantastic eye-catcher in the room

RAIS Visio Tunnel 2:1

Create an architectonic sorcery! And see through the fire...

RAIS Visio 3:1

With extra depth and glass on three sides the stove works beautifully as a room divider. 

RAIS Visio 1

Just a discrete frame around the fire...

RAIS Visio 2

With pane on two sides - a beautiful and elegant corner fireplace...

RAIS Visio 3

With pane on three sides - stunning effect in the room...

RAIS 2:1

This is the stove which brings a new dimension to your home

RAIS 500¹

With glass on one side - beautiful in all its simplicity...

RAIS 500²

With glass on two sides - a distinctive corner fireplace...

RAIS 500³

With glass on three sides - living fire - grand and central in the room.

RAIS 700

Classic design for super minimalistic architect-designed homes

RAIS 900

With its streamlined, broad elegance, RAIS 900 contributes to highlighting the style of your home

RAIS Q-Tee insert

Allows for a cosy fire in otherwise limited space...

RAIS Q-Be insert

A corner insert with pane on two sides

Guide: Five things to consider when buying a fireplace insert

There are an abundance of options when buying a new fireplace insert. Perhaps your old fireplace needs replacing, or you want to build a fireplace in your future home. Read this guide to learn more about what to consider before you buy.

Think about what function you want the fireplace insert to have

If, for example, you want an insert that generates enough heat for a large room, you can choose one of the larger models with a high output (kW). This could be one of the Visio models, for instance. If you have a smaller room and less space, you could choose a fireplace insert like the RAIS Q-Tee. All fireplace inserts from RAIS are easy to light up and offer beautiful views of the fire.

Think about the insert’s placement

There are innumerable options for placement of a fireplace insert. You can place it between two rooms (a so-called tunnel model), incorporate it as a room divider or in a corner. You can also choose to incorporate the fireplace in different materials, such as steel, stone or concrete – or just paint it a handsome colour. The possibilities are endless – let your individual taste and style be your guide.

Think about the condition of the chimney

The chimney is the engine of the fireplace insert and is essential for optimal combustion. Make sure you have the right draught in the chimney and that it meets current national requirements for fireplace/stove installations. If in doubt, contact your chimney sweep.

Think about what you want the fireplace insert to look like

RAIS offers a wide array of fireplace inserts – common to all of them is that they are of the highest quality and offer beautiful views of the fire. For some models, you can choose whether you want one, two or three glass sides, and for others, you can choose between a steel or oiled wooden handle. You can also choose between a black or stainless steel frame.

Think about whether you want a fireplace insert for gas or wood

When buying a fireplace insert, you can opt for a traditional fireplace insert for wood – or a modern gas fireplace fuelled by bottled gas, natural gas or city gas. A gas fireplace is incredibly easy to use – you simply use the factory-supplied remote control or your smartphone/tablet to turn on, off, up or down the heat, and much more. See our large collection of gas fireplaces here.

Fireplace inserts

Fireplace inserts create a wonderfully warm focal point in your home – and are furthermore an effective and eco-friendly heating source. A fireplace insert adds something quite unique to your interior design, and it can be incorporated in innumerable different ways. For instance, you can use it as a room divider between two rooms, so you can enjoy the fire from both sides. Whether you want to include the fireplace insert as part of a new construction, as a replacement for your current fireplace or simply incorporate it in an existing room, RAIS has a wide range of different fireplace inserts.