Design it yourself…

Fireplace inserts – modern and exclusive design

With a fireplace insert from RAIS, you get a warm gathering spot in your home. A fireplace insert is:

  • An effective and eco-friendly heating source
  • A cosy gathering spot and a sleek design
  • Easy to integrate in the home in numerous different ways, for instance as a room divider

RAIS 600¹

Square, almost cube-shaped design with glass on one side

RAIS 600²

Unique cubic expression – perfect for a corner with glass on two sides

RAIS 600³

Square design with glass on three sides that beautifully frames the flames

RAIS Visio 3 L

Extra-large panes on three sides create a fantastic eye-catcher in the room

RAIS Visio Tunnel 2:1

Create an architectonic sorcery! And see through the fire...

RAIS Visio 3:1

With extra depth and glass on three sides the stove works beautifully as a room divider. 

RAIS Visio 1

Just a discrete frame around the fire...

RAIS Visio 2

With pane on two sides - a beautiful and elegant corner fireplace...

RAIS Visio 3

With pane on three sides - stunning effect in the room...

RAIS 2:1

This is the stove which brings a new dimension to your home

RAIS 500¹

With glass on one side - beautiful in all its simplicity...

RAIS 500²

With glass on two sides - a distinctive corner fireplace...

RAIS 500³

With glass on three sides - living fire - grand and central in the room.

RAIS 700

Classic design for super minimalistic architect-designed homes

RAIS 900

With its streamlined, broad elegance, RAIS 900 contributes to highlighting the style of your home

RAIS Q-Tee insert

Allows for a cosy fire in otherwise limited space...

RAIS Q-Be insert

A corner insert with pane on two sides

Fireplace inserts

Fireplace inserts create a wonderfully warm focal point in your home – and are furthermore an effective and eco-friendly heating source. A fireplace insert adds something quite unique to your interior design, and it can be incorporated in innumerable different ways. For instance, you can use it as a room divider between two rooms, so you can enjoy the fire from both sides. Whether you want to include the fireplace insert as part of a new construction, as a replacement for your current fireplace or simply incorporate it in an existing room, RAIS has a wide range of different fireplace inserts.