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Built-in gas fireplaces
- Eye-catching timeless elegance

Front models

Front models come in different sizes and models that match any interior. Choose, for instance, between small and discreet or big and wide.

Corner models - left side

Select a corner model with glass on the left side and enjoy the cosy fire from multiple angles – regardless of where you are in the room.

Corner models - right side

With a corner model with glass on the right side, you can take in the gorgeous flames from two different sides.

Three-sided models

With glass on three sides, these models give you an impressive view of the fire and allow you to furnish your home interior exactly as you like.

Room dividers

Use this model as an architectonic element and an elegant room divider in your home that allows you to enjoy the fire from two sides.

Tunnel models

With this gas fireplace, you get genuine fireplace charm and the experience of being able to see through the flames from room to room.

A gas fireplace from RAIS enables you to select different accessories.

Gas fireplace accessories

WiFi module

A WiFi module makes it possible for you to control your gas fireplace using a smartphone or tablet app. The app makes it easy to switch the fire on/off, set the temperature, timer and much more.


Choose from a black or stainless steel frame – on two or more sides. You can choose to build in the gas fireplace which conceals the frame from view.

Non-reflecting glass

Buy non-reflecting glass for the Visio Gas models for a feeling of an open fireplace. The non-reflecting glass ensures a fantastic view of the flames and the glass seems to disappear.

Convection grate

RAIS offers convection grates for built-in gas fireplaces in five different sizes, making it easy to find the perfect solution for any fireplace and room size. These grates are designed to optimize airflow, improving the heat distribution and efficiency of your gas fireplace.

Gas fireplace inserts

With a built-in gas fireplace, you have a multitude of options to create a completely unique solution for your home. The gas fireplace insert from RAIS come with glass on one, two or three sides, as corner models, room dividers or tunnel models. You can choose to clad your built-in stove with stone, paint it in handsome colours or mount it in raw concrete elements. The built-in gas fireplaces furthermore come in many different sizes, so you will always find one that is just right for your home.

It is incredibly easy to operate the built-in gas stove from RAIS – just use the remote control or download an app to your tablet or smartphone. It is easy to turn up and down the heat, switch on the light or set the timer using the remote control or app.

Our built-in gas fireplaces offer an incredibly authentic looking fire – ceramic logs, LED lighting, filament and ceramic coal adapted to each stove produce a sense of genuine fireside hygge. Moreover, there is no clean-up. Just wipe the fireplace glass clean from time to time. The gas fireplace inserts can be hooked up to bottled gas, natural gas or city gas.

With a gas fireplace insert from RAIS, you get elegant design, quality materials and extremely easy fireplace charm and comfort – with just a click of a button. Explore our Visio Gas Fireplace series, which consists of 16 different models, and find the one that is just right for your home.

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