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Accessories for gas fireplaces

The range of accessories includes everything you need for your gas stove

From frames to non-reflective glass, WiFi module and convection grates. Here you will find:

High-quality functional and smart accessories for your glass stove

Accessories that make using your gas stove child’s play

Design details that complement the look of your gas stove

WiFi module

A WiFi module makes it possible for you to control your gas fireplace using a smartphone or tablet app. The app makes it easy to switch the fire on/off, set the temperature, timer and much more. Please note that the app must be on the Wi-Fi module's network in order for you to use it.

Convection grate

Convection grates are available for all fireplace inserts in two models: with holes or oblong grooves and in black or white. The width of the grate exactly fits the fireplace insert in question.

Non-reflecting glass

Buy non-reflecting glass for the Visio Gas models for a feeling of an open fireplace. The non-reflecting glass ensures a fantastic view of the flames and the glass seems to disappear.


Choose from a black or stainless steel frame – on two or more sides. You can choose to build in the gas fireplace which conceals the frame from view.

Inspection grate

Built-in gas stoves come with a matching convection grate that also serves as an inspection hatch. Behind it are the gas control valve, receiver, Wi-Fi model and LED box. All located in a clever pull-out compartment.

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