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Gas fireplaces
- Dazzling flames and easy operation

Are you looking for heat and, at the same time, easy and convenient use?

Then a RAIS gas stove may be just the thing for you:

Just use the remote control or app to light a cosy fire in the fireplace

Turn the heat up or down as needed

You can choose between a free-standing and a built-in gas fireplace

The gas fireplaces operate on bottled gas, natural gas or city gas.

Guide: Why you need a gas fireplace

A gas fireplace is a fantastic addition to your home. It brings heat to the entire home and, at the same time, it is attractive and easy to use. The major benefit of a gas fireplace is that it requires almost no cleaning and maintenance. It works with a single click on a remote control or an app and – voilà, you have heat and hygge throughout your home. Read more here where we explain all the major benefits of a gas fireplace from RAIS and the things to consider before buying. 

No cleaning

With a gas fireplace, you don't need to waste time chopping wood, kindling the fire or cleaning the wood-burning stove. A gas fireplace is ready with a single press, and makes no mess. Gas fireplaces from RAIS use either natural gas, city gas or bottled gas. Once the fireplace is installed and mounted in your home, the gas fireplace acts as a closed circuit with flue and oxygen supply. Therefore, a gas fireplace requires no cleaning or maintenance. It is always ready for use, and in just a few seconds, there are beautiful flames in front of you, creating a cosy atmosphere throughout the house.

When you choose a gas fireplace, the major benefits are user-friendliness and comfort. Regardless of whether you use natural gas, city gas or bottled gas, it is incredibly user-friendly. If the gas fireplace is connected to natural gas and city gas, all settings and functions can be managed using the app or a remote control. It requires no replacements, and the entire system works automatically and to perfection. If the gas fireplace runs on bottled gas, the bottle will need to be replaced occasionally. However, this is also a quick and easy task that takes just a couple of minutes.

Easy operation

Once again, RAIS gas fireplaces are easily controlled using a remote control or an app. All of our gas fireplaces are made in such a way that just a single click can turn the fireplace on or off. You can also adjust the heat via the app or the remote control. With a gas fireplace, you are in full control, and should it get too hot, you simply turn down the heat a few degrees. The easy operating system makes the whole experience of a gas fireplace a true joy. RAIS’s fantastic and clever operating system makes it easier for all our customers to enjoy their time in front of the fireplace. We want only the best for our customers. That is why we have chosen the best, most flexible and easy-to-use operating system that suits any home and any family.

Design your own gas fireplace

At RAIS, you have the chance to design your very own gas fireplace! All our free-standing fireplaces can be designed precisely to your taste. You can choose the height, colour, side glass and much more, so you help create the perfect gas fireplace for your home. Our gas fireplace comes in modern quality materials that adorn any home. Our selection of built-in gas fireplaces come in different heights and widths, so you can find exactly the right gas fireplace for your home. The built-in gas fireplaces can be installed in numerous ways, for example, you can use it as a room divider between two rooms, so you can enjoy the fire from both sides.

Gorgeous flames

RAIS gas fireplaces are designed such that they frame the fire in an incredibly beautiful and authentic way. All gas fireplaces have built-in LED lighting that can be turned up and down, producing a sensation of smouldering cinder. Moreover, the gas fireplaces are fitted with glass brick that reflect the light brilliantly and a ceramic layer of coal, which looks amazingly real. Last, but not least, we have developed ceramic logs for the gas fireplaces, which truly look like real firewood. This way you feel exactly the same warmth and hygge as you would with an ordinary wood-burning stove.

Considerations before you buy a gas fireplace

Before buying a gas fireplace, it is worth considering the benefits gas fireplaces have compared to cleaning and operation of the wood-burning stove. A gas fireplace from RAIS is of a special class, quality and design. At RAIS, we always give our customers the absolute best materials on the market. A gas fireplace is a fantastic solution for those who want to bring hygge into their home. There is nothing more enjoyable than time spent together with family and friends in front of a fire on a cold winter day. A gas fireplace allows you to do just that in a matter of seconds. There is no chopping of wood or time wasted getting the fire started. With a gas fireplace, your fire is lit in seconds, and all that is left to do is to lean back and enjoy the wonderful glow and the warmth that fills the room.

Gas fireplaces

The gas fireplaces from RAIS are incredibly easy to use on a daily basis: just press on the remote control or use the app on your smartphone – and it is lit. In just seconds, you have beautiful flames and a cosy warm fire. And you can turn up or down the heat as desired.

The gas fireplaces come as both free-standing stoves and inserts. Our gas fireplaces operate on bottled gas, natural gas or city gas.

Design your own gas fireplace

All our free-standing gas fireplaces can be customised – that is, you can choose the stove’s colour, height, door and much more. Adapt the stove so it fits perfectly into precisely your home. Get started here.

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