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RAIS Pilar

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With a height of almost two metres, Pilar fills the room. It immediately catches the eye with its sculptural design - simple and elegant yet striking and spectacular.

Enjoy exceptional views of the fire burning through the panoramic and beautifully rounded glass door. The solid and powerful handle underlines the superior quality of the stove.

Create your own
  • Colour

    Choose from six carefully selected colours that are timeless, exclusive and stylish. This way you can match your stove with your unique style and taste.
  • Door

    Steel or glass. Raw or soft expression. Add the door that matches your style without compromising on design or the overall look.
  • Coloured fume outlet

    Brilliant design from top to bottom. Select a fume outlet in the same colour as your stove for an aesthetically coherent design.

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Based on a desire for optimal fire viewing, we have combined our specially developed glass, Advanced Glass Concept, with other options. The aim is to create the absolute best fire viewing conditions.
Swivel base
Let the extraordinary view of the fire follow you throughout the room with a 360° rotating base.
Air control in your wood-burning stove is crucial for how clean and efficiently your wood-burning stove burns. Therefore, you should always familiarise yourself thoroughly with the best way to fire up your wood-burning stove based on the type of air control it has.
Give your stove the best conditions by adapting it to the conditions it is operating in. This also optimises the efficiency of your stove.

Heat-accumulating stones

Add heat-accumulating stones to your stove and improve your firewood consumption in the best way possible. The result is an ideal room temperature and optimal energy efficiency.

Fresh air connection

Optimise the indoor climate with a fresh air supply system for wood-burning stoves, for example in low-energy houses. The AirKit system ensures optimal combustion without affecting the room temperature or the indoor climate.

Technical Data

External dimensions (W-D-H) in mm
Combustion chamber inner dimensions (W-D-H) in mm
Flue outlet (diameter)
Output (min-max) in kWh
Heating (at -20°C) in m2
Efficiency in %
Particulates in g/kg
Weight in kg
- of which soapstone

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