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RAIS Heat Storage Module

RAIS Heat Storage Module

Heat storage module for e.g. Rais Pilar

Get a more even heat distribution by adding heat storage stones to your stove.

By adding accumulating stones, the stove's ability to quickly and comfortably distribute convection heat will combine with heat storage. This way a lot of the fire's energy is stored for hours and is gradually released long after the fire has gone out.

The benefit is a low consumption of firewood, comfortable and cosy room temperature as well as optimum energy use.

By burning, for example, just 4 kg you get a healthy and comfortable heating supply for up to 8 hours thanks to the heat storage in the natural stones.

The illustration shows an example of the heat storage module for Pilar 180, 94 kg of perfectly shaped natural stones discreetly hidden behind the stove cover.

Heat storage modules for Rais Pilar:

  • Pilar 153, top outlet, 47 kg
  • Pilar 153, rear outlet, 23 kg
  • Pilar 180, top outlet, 94 kg
  • Pilar 180, rear outlet, 77 kg

    • Dimensions (W-D-H)

    • Output

    • Distance to flammable material

    • Specifications
  • User/installation manual
    Montagevejledning .pdf
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