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Convection grates are available for all our stove insets. The grates come in two different models – one with holes and one with long grooves. You simply select how large you want the convection grate to be.

The convection solution consists of a compartment for wall incorporation and a grate. Both components are designed so they fit the width of the stove exactly. The compartment has the height of a brick and is easy to install. After installation, the decorative grate is easily mounted. A clever and cleaning-friendly solution.

The grates come in the following widths:

25,4 x 12,0 cm - 48,9 x 10,8 cm - 49,0 x 12,0 cm - 61,4 x 14,3 cm - 74,6 x 10,8 cm - 76,4 10,8 cm - 86,4 x 10,8 cm - 100,2 x 14,5 cm - 15,6 x 49,0 cm - 15,6 x 29,4 cm

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