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RAIS AirSystem and Airkit

RAIS AirSystem and Airkit

A solution developed especially for low-energy and thoroughly insulated houses which adds fresh air from the outside directly to the wood-burning stove - hereby ensuring optimum combustion. The air intake can be hidden by placing it in the floor or in the wall behind the stove.

In order to make mounting of the Air-system easier we have Air-Kit systems adapted to the desired floor or wall assembly.

The kit consists of a flex pipe with a clamp, screening for the firewood compartment, a coupling with a damper and a casing.

The coupling with the damper is very important as it prevents cold air from continuously coming into the stove and cooling down the combustion chamber, thereby causing condensation. The damper on the coupling and air inlet on the stove must be closed when the stove is not in use.

    • Dimensions (W-D-H)

    • Output

    • Distance to flammable material

    • Specifications
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