RAIS Nexo Multibox

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Multiboxes for RAIS Nexo come in three sizes; small, medium and large. You can mix and match the sizes for your stove so you end up with just the look you are after. The spaces in the boxes can be used for storing dry wood, books or other items. The top of the box is a great place to put a green plant or some porcelain – or put a cushion on it and use it as extra seating.
  • Technical Data


    Small bench 

    Nexo small bench Måltegning 2Nexo small bench Måltegning 1

    Medium bench

    Nexo medium bench Måltegning 2Nexo medium bench Måltegning 1

    Large bench

    Nexo large bench Måltegning 2Nexo large bench Måltegning 1


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