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Optimal combustion requires that you always use dry, untreated wood and that you light the fire in the correct way. Suitable firewood for lighting is ordinary firewood (felled yourself or purchased) or briquettes made of pure wood. You should never burn newspaper or the like, as it produces soot in your stove and polluting smoke. The firewood should be dry (water content of max. 20%) and untreated.

Use firewood that is suitable in size for the stove. The firewood should typically be 30 - 33 cm long and 6 - 10 cm wide. There should also be air between the firewood and the walls of the stove both when lighting the fire and when adding firewood. Avoid overfilling the stove with firewood.

Good lighting and combustion emits almost no odour or smoke from the chimney.


Purchase the firewood early and store appropriately. Wood takes time to dry, and proper air drying takes up to two years, depending on the type of wood and the storage. Wood dries best when it is sawed and chopped. Place the firewood in an airy and sunny location that is sheltered from rain, for instance outdoors under a roof or in an open shed. Avoid covering the firewood in a way that will retain moisture. Drying of firewood outdoors is almost always best, because it provides adequate air circulation. 

Bring the firewood indoors a couple days before lighting. To facilitate lighting, allow the firewood to reach room temperature before use.

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