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With glass on three sides, the elegant Visio 3 in the middle of your home is stunning yet discreet. You only notice the stove to the extent it enhances the fire. Open the door by simply pushing it up. Smart and convenient. The quiet combustion delivers nice, even warmth. 

Note the high efficiency of 80%.

Now available: simple light concrete blocks that make it extra easy to install the oven and elegantly frame it.  See under accessories. 

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  • Technical Data

    External dimensions (W-D-H) in mm
    759 - 564 - 1.537
    Combustion chamber inner dimensions (W-D-H) in mm
    533 - 333 - 466
    Installation dimensions (W-D-H) in mm
    685 - 490 - 432
    Outer frame dimensions (W-D-H) in mm
    891 - 512 - 444
    Flue outlet (diameter)
    Rated output
    Output (min-max) in kWh
    5 - 9
    Heating (at -20°C) in m2
    75 - 135
    Efficiency in %
    Particulates in g/kg
    Distance to flammable material
    To side wall in mm
    To back wall in mm
    To the ceiling in mm
    To the floor in mm
    To furniture
    Weight in kg
    Additional heat accumulation stones
    Glass door with black edge
    Glass door with rustproof edge
    Cover frame, black
    Cover frame, rustproof
    Advanced Glass Concept

    Advanced Glass Concept

    RAIS wood-burning stoves are known for their soot-free glass panes and their uniquely beautiful view of the fire. The secret behind these unique features is our holistic approach to the glass panes in the combustion chamber.

    Advanced Glass Concept

    All RAIS stoves come with glass that is based on our ADVANCED GLASS CONCEPT®, which uses different types of glass that can vary from stove to stove, but which all serve the same purpose: to create the best conditions for soot-free glass and a gorgeous view of the fire.


    Visio 3 

    Visio 3 Måltegning 1 Visio 3 Måltegning 2 Visio 3 Panel indbygning mål

  • Documents

    User/installation manual
    IUser/installation manual  
    Declaration of Performance  
    Declaration of Conformity  
    Table 1  
    Information for architects
    RAIS provides CAD drawings for professional use by architects and other professionals. To be able to use our drawings, you must have Autocad version 2000 or version 14 or similar software installed on your computer.
    Visio 3 - Tegning .dwg
    Visio 3 - Tegning .pdf
    Visio 3 - Tegning .dxf
    1249008-VISIO_3_dxf .dxf
    VISIO_3_u_afdækn_bagafgang .pdf
    VISIO_3_u_afdækn_topafgang .pdf

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