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  • RAIS Nexo

    RAIS Nexo

  • RAIS Circle

    RAIS Circle

  • RAIS Q-Tee 2

    RAIS Q-Tee 2

  • RAIS Ra

    RAIS Ra

  • RAIS Visio 2

    RAIS Visio 2

  • RAIS Visio 3:1

    RAIS Visio 3:1

  • RAIS Viva L gas

    RAIS Viva L gas

  • RAIS 700

    RAIS 700

Indsatse - RAIS
Indsatse - Ikon


Indsatse - RAIS
Indsatse - Ikon


Indsatse - RAIS
Indsatse - Ikon

Gas Stoves

Tilbehør - RAIS
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Outdoor - RAIS
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  • Time for hygge with Caroline...

    Time for hygge with Caroline...

    In the weeks leading up to Christmas, we often feel we have all kinds of things we need to get done.

    Just planning the holidays and making all the arrangements can take time.

    When there are small children in the family, we also want them to notice it is Christmas – and things need to be done in their pace. There's no rushing.

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  • Creatures of the darkness be gone! Let there be light ☺

    Creatures of the darkness be gone! Let there be light ☺

    Just twenty years ago or so Halloween began gaining popularity in Europe – a tradition that spread from the US. Actually it was Irish and Scottish immigrants that originally brought the custom with them when they immigrated to America...

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  • Pear time...

    Pear time...

    Pears are everywhere this time of year. If not in the garden, then in the neighbours garden. And at the roadside stands and the farmer's market. And at the local grocer and the supermarkets.

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  • Gas at the hotel...

    Gas at the hotel...

    A little bird told me that a gas-burning stove from RAIS had moved into the lobby of one of the big, busy hotels nearby, Hotel Jutlandia in Frederikshavn. So I made a little trip.

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  • When lots of fire is what you are after...

    When lots of fire is what you are after...

    Our newest stove is called Nexo. I love to talk about each and every new stove. After all, they all have their merits, new designs and perhaps new functions. Otherwise we would not have created a new stove here at RAIS…

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RAIS Customized – design your own stove

With RAIS Customizer, you can design your stove exactly the way you want it. You can combine a wide variety of features and pick your own colours, handle, height, doors, and much more.

Design it yourself


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