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RAIS Customized – design your own stove

Use our Customizer and design your own wood-burning stove or gas fireplace. Explore and try out our many different design details before making your final choice. Combine a wide variety of features and pick your own colours, handle, height, doors, and much more.

Design it yourself


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Explore our catalogues, where you will find an abundance of inspiration for your home. Admire the clever design that characterises all our stoves, fireplaces and outdoor products, and be inspired by the beautiful images and wonderful stories.

Handsome, brilliantly-crafted high-quality products deserve a little extra. Pick up a catalogue at your nearest dealer, or view it on our website.

In the catalogue, you will find our stoves, inserts, outdoor products and accessories. Our selection of gas fireplaces can be found in our gas magazine.


Nordic design and quality

When buying a wood-burning stove, it is important to think about which wood-burning stove is right for you. A new wood-burning stove becomes a natural gathering place for the entire family and brings both heat and enjoyment for many years to come. That is why it is important that you make the right choice. At RAIS, we have an extensive selection of wood-burning stoves, fireplace inserts and gas stoves, so you are sure to find one that is right for your home and wishes.Read more.

Cosy wood-burning stoves

A wood-burning stove from RAIS works perfectly both as an element of hygge and a source of heat for your home. All our gas and wood-burning stoves and inserts have large panes that give you an unobstructed view of the fire, so you can truly enjoy the dancing flames. The large panes (and in some cases side glass panes) almost make it seem like an open fire. So you always get the warming and relaxing mood that the crackling fire creates. If you also want to use the wood-burning stove for extra heating, you should check the output (kWh) of the individual model. Look at the specifications and choose a higher kWh if you want the wood-burning stove to be able to heat a larger room – and a lower kWh to heat small rooms. You are sure to find a gas or wood-burning stove or insert that suits you and your needs.

Wood or gas?

With a RAIS wood-burning stove or gas fireplace, you are free to design exactly the stove and the style that suits your taste. Try our Customizer right here and release your inner designer. Combine various elements to give your new wood-burning stove its own unique look. You can choose between many different colours, heights, doors, side glass, handles and much, much more. Experiment and create your very own favourite. Remember that you also have the possibility to select a coloured chimney flue that matches the oven, so you get a complete design solution from floor to ceiling. A coloured chimney flue with nearly invisible seams gives the gas or wood-burning stove an exclusive designer look. You can also choose elegant floor plates, stove tools and other accessories that complete your selection. All our accessories are made from quality materials in a modern Nordic design. Add elegant firewood storage with our handsome firewood shelves, which come in many different variants. The wood-burning stove can function as a completely unique design element in your interior – almost as a piece of furniture in itself. Furthermore, we offer our smart AirSystem, which supplies the fire with air from outside. This is especially ideal in low-energy and highly insulated houses or simply in new builds.

Top quality

All wood-burning stoves, fireplace inserts and gas stoves from RAIS were created in the tradition of Scandinavian design, which never compromises on quality. At RAIS, we work only with the best materials of the highest quality. We do everything to create the best product – every time. That is why you are certain to get a product that will give you years of pleasure. And we offer an extended warranty of up to eight years when you buy a gas or wood-burning stove or insert from us. Just register your stove online when you receive it to activate the extended 8-year warranty. A designer stove from RAIS is therefore the perfect choice when you want a wood-burning stove that is beautiful, user-friendly and durable.

You can also choose from our wide assortment of fireplace inserts. Whether you are building a new home or renovating your existing home, an insert could be precisely the detail that gives your home edge and character. RAIS matches every kind of architecture and opens up a world of interior design possibilities. Put your new insert in an existing fireplace, use it as a captivating room divider, to round a corner, or to connect two rooms. We make inserts with glass for one, two or three sides and with the possibility of easily building it in using various materials. Therefore it is easy to create exactly the look you want. Need inspiration? See our catalogue, or follow us on Instagram for heaps of inspiration for smart stove solutions from the real world. Create elegant firewood storage, paint the stove in a smart contrasting colour, or create a cosy corner by the warm fire – the sky is the limit!

Environmentally friendly wood-burning stove

All our modern new gas and wood-burning stoves have an elegant design and excellent environmental data. That means you get a stove that both functions as an element of style in your home and a genuine source of heat with minimal impact on the environment. All our gas and wood-burning stoves live up to the very strictest environmental requirements in Europe and release only very small amounts of residual particles. New wood-burning stoves emit just one fifth or fewer residual particles than older stoves. So you can make a positive contribution to the environment by replacing your old wood-burning stove with a new environmentally friendly stove. Remember that you can also minimise particle emissions by lighting your wood-burning stove correctly. In other words, your firewood should be clean and dry, and you should not burn briquettes, newspaper or other materials. Clean firing depends, to a large degree, on how you start your fire and the material you use. If in doubt about how to light properly, see our guidelines about correct operation here.

Heat and hygge without firewood

Our newest modern addition to the product assortment is our line of smart and environmentally friendly gas stoves. Here you will find free-standing models like the ones you know from our classic wood-burning stoves (Nexo, Viva L and Q-Tee), but also our line of built-in gas fireplaces, Visio Gas. There are 16 different models that vary in size, and with glass on one, two or three sides. Just as with our fireplace inserts, there are endless possibilities for smart incorporation – and the gas fireplace does not require a full chimney, but simply a flue that is easy to install. This allows for flexible solutions, for instance in places where it is not possible to establish a traditional chimney. Choose a corner model, for instance, or use the gas fireplace as a room divider, where the fire can be enjoyed from two different rooms. The possibilities are numerous! RAIS gas stoves can be connected to bottled gas, natural gas or city gas, depending on the supply options available to you. You control the gas stove with the accompanying remote control that lets you turn up/down the temperature, set the timer and much more. For example, you can set the gas stove to light and extinguish the fire at a certain time and on certain days of the week. You can also purchase a Wi-Fi module that lets you operate the gas stove using a smartphone or tablet. Just download the MyFire app to get started. RAIS gas stoves are the epitome of convenience – you just lean back, press a button and enjoy the fire.

Take RAIS outdoors

Why not extend your living space with our handsome and unique Outdoor products? A beautiful fire pit or a grill for your garden provides hours of enjoyment and is the perfect gathering place for the family. Our Outdoor series features traditional Scandinavian workmanship with a patina created by wind, weather and salt water. See our entire collection here.

If you are in doubt or have questions, you are welcome to contact one of our dealers, who are experts at installing wood-burning stoves, gas stoves and fireplace inserts. They can help you find just the right solution and offer you competent advice about flue and installation options. If you have other questions, you are welcome to contact our customer service.