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Choosing the right fireplace

Inspiration. Considerations. And one decision at a time…

Always take great care when choosing a new fireplace, to ensure that it meets your aesthetic and functional requirements, and finds just the right place in your home. Here’s a checklist to help you on your way.

Gas or wood burner?

Think about your lifestyle and day-to-day living. Do you lead a busy life? Do you want to be able to create a cosy atmosphere quickly and easily, at the click of a button? If so, a gas fireplace might best suit your needs.

Do you enjoy collecting firewood in the forest, or from the log pile in the garden? Is lighting the wood and building up the fire all part of the experience? If so, then perhaps a wood-burning stove or fireplace insert is for you.

Integrated or free-standing?

Consider what harmonizes best with your interior. You can have the stove built into a wall or corner, or into a partitioning wall. This opens up all kinds of possibilities when furnishing your home, and also saves floor space.

Or maybe you prefer to see the stove itself as a design feature in your home. In this case, a free-standing stove might suit your needs better.

For enjoyment alone, or heat as well?

If you have a genuine need for a good heat supply in your home, choose a model that can deliver that. Note that our large wood-burning stoves and gas fireplaces also burn well and efficiently on low flame. Check the specifications and talk to your dealer.

Colour and details?

You’re now ready to choose amongst the various colours and accessories available for many of our wood-burning stoves and gas fireplaces – why not try the Customizer feature here on our website? You can also see what opportunities there are for choosing a frame and other accessories for an integrated fireplace. There’s plenty of choice – and you can find some inspiration in our catalogue here on our website:

Gas catalogue

Wood-burning stove catalogue

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