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Experience the RAIS gas fireplace – Quality materials and handsome design

When you buy a gas fireplace from RAIS, you get a quality fireplace made with the newest technology in the field.
Read more about what you get when you buy a gas fireplace from RAIS.

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Authentic looking fire

All Visio Gas models are equipped with ceramic firewood that looks like real wood. Built-in LED lighting at the bottom of the fireplace creates an impression of glowing cinders. The gas fireplace creates the same ambiance and sense of comfort as an ordinary wood-burning stove.

Stepless adjustment of the flames

You can easily turn the flames up and down using the remote control. Stepless adjustment of the flames allows you to choose precisely the height you want.

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Set the timer for heat on demand

You can set the gas fireplace to turn on at specific times or on specific days. For example, set the timer to turn on a half hour before your alarm clock goes off, and wake up to a warm, cosy living room.

Dream, explore, choose

The Visio Gas range consists of 16 different gas models that can be incorporated in your home in innumerable different ways. Find the model that is right for your home and reap an abundance of cosiness, warmth and enchanting moments for years to come. You will find plenty of inspiration on our Instagram profile right here.

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