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A flagship from RAIS. Super-design stove, which looks lovely, but really takes up no room at all. The lines of the stove unite the rigid with the organic. The large pane surrounds the fire on three sides.

A high-tech stove with an integrated handle. Optional swivel base with which you can rotate the stove up to 360 degrees. So no matter where you are in the room, you can still see the fire. Heat accumulating stones can be purchased separately.

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    Q 20 7306541DK
    • Dimensions (W-D-H)
    • External dimensions (W-D-H) in mm: 426 - 426 - 1.284
    • Combustion chamber inner dimensions (W-D-H) in mm: 308 - 275 - 558
    • Flue outlet (diameter): 150
    • Distance from centre to the back edge of the top plate in mm: 213
    • Distance from floor to the centre of the AirSystem connection: 115
    • Distance from floor to the centre of the flue outlet, top: 1.243
    • Distance from floor to the centre of the flue outlet, back: 1.165

    • Output
    • Heating (at -20°C) in m2: 45 - 105
    • Efficiency in %: 79%
    • Particulates in g/kg: 2,9
    • Weight in kg: 155
    • Additional heat accumulation stones: 20

    • Distance to flammable material
    • To side wall in mm: 600/300
    • To back wall in mm: 150
    • Recommended distance in mm to non-flammable wall, sides and back: 75

    • Specifications
    • Steel door with glass: STANDARD
    • Flue outlet, top and back: STANDARD
    • AirSystem: STANDARD
    • Swivel base with rotating flue collar: ACCESSORY
    • Heat accumulation stones: ACCESSORY
  • User/installation manual  
    Download installation/user manual .pdf
    Online installation/user manual online
    Montagevejledning .pdf
    Prøvningsattester .pdf
    Declaration of Performance .pdf
    Information for architects 
    RAIS provides CAD drawings for professional use by architects and other professionals. To be able to use our drawings, you must have Autocad version 2000 or version 14 or similar software installed on your computer.
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    Autocad .dxf
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