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Functionality and convenience

The latest technology for an easier everyday

Modern wood-burning stoves and gas fireplaces are equipped with functional technology, ensuring high user-friendliness and a high degree of convenience.

With an optional WiFi module, the gas fireplace can be lit with just a tap on your phone or tablet. You can also adjust the temperature and switch it off. A fireplace that uses gas takes in air and lets it out again via its own venting duct – and of course you avoid having to go outside for firewood!

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If you prefer a wood-burning stove for your home, some of our models are available with optional automatic control of the air supply – we call this automatic air damper CleverAir™. Then all you need to do is light the fire and add logs as required. When the air supply is optimal, so is the combustion. This also ensures the very best ‘window cleaning’ – i.e. the optimum air circulation inside the glass window. The result is lovely clean windows.

If your home is very well insulated and therefore completely sealed, you may prefer to use a separate air duct for your wood-burning stove.

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