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Finalize all the practical details and options before ordering

Is your head still spinning with questions about wood-burning stoves? Your dealer is happy to help!

When you’re getting a wood-burning stove, especially the first time, there are all kinds of practical details to think about. Chimney? What about distance from the wall? Will the stove bring in combustion air from outside through its own air duct? And so on.

The simple answer is to talk to your dealer, who will be happy to answer all your questions. Once you’ve taken a good look around this website, you’re bound to still have all kinds of things you’d like to discuss with a professional. Your dealer can also recommend when to call in the chimney sweep.

Bring a few photos with you, so your dealer can see where you’d like to place the stove. Ideally, also make a rough sketch of your room and the stove’s placement. Alternatively, your dealer can come and visit you to assess the location.

You can find the catalogue containing all our stoves here on the website. Technical and practical information can be found at the back. Your dealer will be happy to explain them and answer any questions you may have.

See our catalogues for inspiration:

Gas catalogue

Wood-burning stove catalogue

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