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Design is part of our DNA

RAIS has been producing wood-burning stoves since the 1970s. Even our early stoves were characterized by a particular focus on design. Our stoves should not simply heat a home; they should also, and just as importantly, express thoughtful design.

And that’s the way it’s been ever since. All wood-burning stovesfireplace inserts and gas fireplaces from RAIS are still created with a special focus on design today. This applies not only to the overall design aesthetic, but also to details like edges and joints. In fact even the windows and handles exude an exclusive quality of design. The same applies to our whole range of accessories, which includes flue pipes in the same colour as the wood-burning stove or gas fireplace.

Today, RAIS is Denmark’s biggest producer of integrated and free-standing wood-burning stoves and gas fireplaces, exporting to many countries in Europe and North America.

See our catalogues for inspiration:

Gas catalogue

Wood-burning stove catalogue


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