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Proper lighting

How to proceed:

  • Arrange a couple of pieces of firewood at the bottom of the stove and top with a handful of kindling. Place a couple firelighters between the pieces of firewood, and light.
  • Leave the door ajar the first couple of minutes until the fire catches on. Now close the door.
  • Open the damper. Start with the damper completely open to start, so the stove has maximum air supply when lighting.
  • Once the fire has caught on, close the damper halfway.
  • Once there is a good layer of cinder, add a little firewood and open the damper a little more until there are steady flames.

Remember: The air supply should match the fire. This way you will get the most out of the firewood. When the air supply matches the combustion, the flames are clear and yellow.

If you have CleverAir

Many of RAIS' stoves are equipped with CleverAir, which automatically controls the air supply. Just light the fire – and when your fire is established, the stove regulates the air supply automatically. This way you always have effective combustion that produces optimal heat.

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