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Guide: How to choose the right stove

Five things to consider when buying a stove

Are you unsure about which stove to choose? We can sympathise. There are so many different models, sizes, functions and styles to choose from. Perhaps you are also wondering which brands are best – for instance, when it comes to service life, quality, user-friendliness and heating efficiency. This guide will help you to choose the right stove for your home.

1. Size

The first factor primarily concerns your heating needs. Will you use the stove to heat your home or simply for enjoyment? If you will be using the stove for heating, you should consider the size of the area to be heated. As a rule of thumb, a modern stove can heat 10 m2 per kilowatt. A 5 kW stove can thus heat up to 50 m2.

2. Location

The next thing to consider is where to place the stove in your home. There are three things to think about:

1. Whether the stove should have a top or back outlet to the chimney. In the next section, you can read more about what other requirements your stove may be subject to.

2. How much weight can the floor tolerate? Check that the floor is stable and can bear the weight of the stove.

3. The distance to flammable materials. There are clear rules about how close the stove can be to a wooden wall, for instance. We refer you to national legislation on the matter. If the stove is situated in front of a brick wall, there is no minimum requirement for distance.

Last, but not least, the location is important when choosing between a free-standing stove or a built-in stove insert.

3. Chimney

You will need to check whether your chimney lives up to the requirements for connecting a stove. If you had a stove previously, it should not be a problem. However, if it is the first time you are installing one, you will need to make sure the chimney is tight and that it has a correct draught. You can have a chimney sweep check whether your chimney is in order.

4. Design

When it comes to the stove's design, it's really just a matter of taste. There are lots of options: round, square, with soapstone, side glass, turntable base, different colours and more. At (link), you can try out different colour combinations, heights and handles for your stove, if you like. That way, you can find just the right stove for your own home.

5. Functionality

Functionality is all about how you use the stove. All RAIS' stoves have pane washing, for instance, which uses hot air while the stove is in use, to keep the pane clean and free of soot. Moreover, you can add the CleverAir option, which is an automatic damper that ensures the fire always has adequate air. That way you don't have to open and close the damper yourself while using the stove – which ensures clean and efficient combustion. If you want to make it extra easy on yourself, you can opt for a gas stove. It requires no firewood and is easily operated with the click of a remote control or an app.

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