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Fish and stoves



Fish and stoves

Touring Skagen

What do fish and stoves have in common? The link between the two may be difficult to spot! And yet...I was recently in Skagen to visit Jacob, a cook at Skagen Food.

Jacob is passionate about fish, local produce and good food. At Skagen Food, they never compromise on quality when they send fish and delicious meal boxes out to customers throughout Denmark.

Quality was also in the spotlight when Jacob went about the task of designing Skagen Foods' exclusive kitchen. As you can see, not a detail was missed in terms of both functionality and design.

And here, dear reader, is where the link between fish and stoves lies. Jacob chose to design the kitchen with a wood-burning stove from RAIS. A handsome, minimalistic Viva L 100 that fits in with the clean lines of the kitchen – not to mention Skagen Foods' uncompromising insistence on quality and local produce.

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