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Art of fire - RAIS
art of fire logoA RAIS is not just a source of heat. Call it philosophy. The stove unites aesthetics and technology, shape and function, design and craftsmanship.

We call it Art of Fire

Our constant ambition is to create beautiful, comfortable and clean heat for your home, cottage or cabin. Castle, restaurant, conference room - or? We wrap up the fire with great care in stoves made of raw steel. In short, we create well-being, wellness and comfort.

Our products give that little extra. The best quality. The thought-out design. The absolute finish. The elegant details. The super modern technology. The extra long durability. Joy that lasts. At RAIS we choose without compromise the best materials. This applies to glass, steel and other metals for the technical parts. In addition, there are also leather, Corian, silicone etc. subtleties and practical solutions. When the stove is not black, it is offered in a range of carefully selected near-natural tones.

It all comes together with good workmanship. It is seen and felt when the stove is used in everyday life. The carefully rounded sides. The elegant click. The clean windows. The finished work oozing of professional pride.