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RAIS Viva L 120

RAIS Viva L 120

The circular Viva L 120 exhibits elegant, streamlined characteristics: simple, smooth and beautiful. A very large window and large fire chamber allow even more pleasure from the fire – and it is so easy to add wood.

The newly designed damper handle is discretely located at a good height, and rubber coating makes it pleasant to touch. The door is made of glass.

The model without a damper handle radiates sublime simplicity. Here, CleverAir controls the air input and ensures optimal heating.

Many options are available: colours, door type, side glass, top plates, 24 kg heat-storage stone, rotating base, handle, and more.

Design your own stove

Also Viva L 120 allows the customer to co-design their stove – get it just the way you want. Get started here.

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Note that the concept was awarded the 2017 Red Dot Design Award.

Technical Data

  • Dimensions (W-D-H)
  • External dimensions (W-D-H) in mm: Ø470 - 1218 mm
  • Combustion chamber inner dimensions (W-D-H) in mm: 352 - 292 - 446 mm
  • Flue outlet (diameter): 150 mm
  • Distance from centre to the back edge of the top plate in mm: 235 mm
  • Distance from floor to the centre of the AirSystem connection: 121 mm
  • Distance from floor to the centre of the flue outlet, top: 1039 mm
  • Distance from floor to the centre of the flue outlet, back: 967 mm
  • RATED OUTPUT (KW): 4,8 kW

  • Output
  • Heating (at -20°C) in m2: 40 - 110 m2
  • Weight in kg: 100 kg
  • - of which soapstone: 25 kg

  • Distance to flammable material
  • To side wall in mm: 400 mm
  • To back wall in mm: 75 mm

  • Specifications
  • Steel door with glass: STANDARD
  • Glass door: ACCESSORY
  • Handle with different design: ACCESSORY
  • Flue outlet, top and back: STANDARD
  • Riddling grate and ash tray: STANDARD
  • AirSystem: STANDARD
  • CleverAir: ACCESSORY
  • Swivel base with rotating flue collar: ACCESSORY
  • Top plate, stainless steel: ACCESSORY
  • Steel door: Standard