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RAIS - Miljø brændeovne

RAIS - in Harmony with Nature

When you choose a wood-burning stove with ample aesthetic and practical qualities, it highlights the good part of your everyday life.
And you are almost in love with it because it lasts.
It makes lasting energy!
Long-term durability ensures greater sustainability…

Taking the environment and climate into account goes without saying at RAIS. Our new wood-burning stoves and inserts meet even the strictest of requirements for efficiency and residual particle discharge, being at the cutting edge in the race for environmental friendliness on the European market.

Abroad, RAIS stoves are considered to be the epitome of environmental conscience.

We focus on developing and optimising combustion, i.a. in partnership with Aalborg University and the Technical University of Denmark. Being a spearhead in its business sector, throughout the years RAIS has time and again set new standards for the environmental requirements that can be imposed on modern wood-burning stoves.

With RAIS stoves, for example, we achieve 80% efficiency.

Stoves from RAIS otherwise comply with strict requirements throughout the product cycle - from raw material to waste.

Heating with firewood can be considered CO2-neutral because with proper firing the amount of CO2 discharge corresponds to the amount of CO2 firewood would have released if rotting in the forest.