We just received an international design award… :)

I will begin by uttering the trending word in design: customization. It covers the more recent phenomenon whereby we manufacturers leave the decisions to you, the customer.

You can choose red or blue shoelaces for your rubber boots. Or, even wilder: Sit at your screen and design your wood-burning stove's colour and a range of other details.


Here at RAIS, we have taken this to heart and presented a stove collection that lives up to the expectations of the modern consumer.

And Europe has taken note of our efforts!

The organization behind the internationally acclaimed Red Dot Design Award has placed its seal of approval on our Viva L Customized. What is special about this collection is that, for the first time, the user can truly customize his or her stove according to personal preferences and needs. In other words, the customer becomes co-designer.

We are very proud of this recognition, which is awarded only to the market's very best design.

You can thus design your own Viva L. More precisely, you have a choice of over 6,000 different combinations! RAIS, whose inner glow is wrapped in plate iron, has opened the door to a new era: customization. Welcome.

See your many new options here

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