Now I have proof – see for yourself…

In my job, we tend to repeat ourselves. I can hear myself now, saying and writing over and over that, at RAIS, you’re always sure to find a stove that matches your home’s unique style. That a RAIS stove has a streamlined design that can fit in anywhere…

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So what’s new? Now there’s proof. You don’t have to live or build in a particular style in order to integrate a RAIS stove.

Just look at this fantastic edifice created by the architectural practice FAT in collaboration with artist Grayson Perry.

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Here, nothing has been spared in terms of festive colours, style and expression. Imagination and a mixture of styles have been given free rein. I must say I have never seen anything like it.

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And in the middle of it all is a RAIS 2-1, a tunnel stove. That was exactly the stove that matched. And there you have it: a RAIS stove can fit in anywhere.

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The house is located in the Essex area, north-east of London.

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