A little story about the details…

I know I have said, time and time again, that the details can make all the difference…

But now I also want to show you with a prime example from real life – out in the real world where people live and enjoy the fire in the fireplace.

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I recently visited Jan in Frederikshavn at the northernmost point of Denmark, and he has installed a RAIS Visio Gas T, i.e. a tunnel stove. In this home nothing is left to chance.


Ventilation grating should be unassuming, many would say, and so it is generally placed in a practical location. But not here! It is placed absolutely symmetrically and in harmony with the stove – and the overall appearance of the entire wall becomes almost graphic in itself. A delight for the eyes!

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And the framing of the stove is just as clever. For this built-in stove, a black frame was selected from our accessories, giving the stove a streamlined appearance. A perfect example of how the finishing touches can make all the difference.

And, of course, it couldn’t get much smarter with our Woodbox in light oiled oak that matches the flooring.


Now all that is left is to pass on this short message from a satisfied stove owner: I highly recommend life with a gas stove, because it is so easy to use in a busy everyday life. And the gorgeous view through the flames in a two-sided stove like this one gives both rooms an extra dimension.

Such was the message. Don’t underestimate the details.

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