Design it yourself…

Gas Stoves

At RAIS, we have a whole new line of gas-burning stoves. The new stove makes daily use super easy: a single click and you have got fire. In just a few seconds you have got a cosy fire in your stove. And turning up the heat is equally easy. As is extinguishing the fire.

What's more, RAIS Viva L Gas produces a truly splendid flame – it is a stove designed for the purpose of enjoying the fire. It creates a peaceful atmosphere in the room.

Our gas-burning stoves can be fired with bottled gas or gas from a gas line.
Viva L Gas features the same high production and quality standards that RAIS is known for.

Design your own stove

Also Viva L Gas allows the customer to co-design their stove – get it just the way you want.Get started here.

Note that the concept was awarded the 2017 Red Dot Design Award.



This new gas-fired stove for the home is the epitome of convenience. Turn on or off with a click of the remote control or your phone. Burns very clean.