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Proper Maintenance of your Stove is Essential

Proper maintenance is essential for the long life of your stove. If you do it, you will enjoy a beautiful, not to mention eco-friendly and effective heating source for many years ahead.

All RAIS stoves come equipped with maintenance and cleaning information specific to that stove.

Below you will find a list of general advice and tips on cleaning and maintenance.

  • The chimney sweeper must check your chimney and stove at least once every year.

The stove must be cold during all maintenance and care activities.

  • A sooty glass door can be cleaned with the help of ash. Moisten a piece of paper, dip it in ash and rub it over the glass to clean it. You can also use glass cleaner which can be purchased at all maintenance centres.
  • The firebox is cleaned by removing the ash through the shaking grate or shovel the ash into a bucket. The ash must be stored in a non-flammable container until it is suitably cold.
  • Ash once cooled can be used as fertiliser in the garden or it can simply be thrown out. Check extra well for hidden coals.
  • Soapstone can be cleaned with a regular paint thinner. However, if there are spots the thinner s unable to remove, use fine sandpaper.
  • The stove exterior can be best cleaned with a dry soft cloth. After a few years, the maintenance of a black stove requires special care - follow the dealer’s best advice. If the surface of RAIS wood-burning stoves in colour requires maintenance, the right shade can be obtained in a spray box.