Design it yourself…
Installation af brændeovne og indsatse


When you install your new wood-burning stove, there are some general rules you have to follow:
The stove must always be installed according to current national regulations and the instructions described in the stove’s declaration of compliance. You should therefore contact the local authorities before installing and connecting the stove.

  1. The chimney must be high enough and in a condition that ensures good draught. The chimney must have sufficient draught so that the stove can operate as intended. Contact your local fire department for more information.
  2. Make sure that the room in which the wood-burning stove is to be installed has adequate supply of fresh air. For example, a kitchen fan in operation can create low pressure, thereby reducing the draught of the chimney.
  3. Examine whether the floor can carry the weight of the wood-burning stove and the chimney.
  4. Always place the wood-burning stove on a non-flammable surface. Also make sure to keep the minimum distance to flammable materials as stated in the declaration of conformity.
  5. Never make modifications to the technical functions of the stove. Always follow the dealer and the sweeper’s instructions. Unauthorised modifications or incorrect setup may lead to a risk when using the wood-burning stove and may also have a negative impact on the heating costs. Furthermore, they also invalidate the stove guarantee.