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Last chance to get the firewood ready for next winter...



Last chance to get the firewood ready for next winter...

When I look out the window in the morning at the trees and their bare branches, it reminds me that it is high time to fell the wood we'll need for next winter. Many have likely already been out with their chainsaw and splitting axe... 

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Right now the trees' sap is still down in the roots – the sap tension is low, as they say. And it is all a little easier, of course, without leaves on the branches.

What's more, live trees split best when the splitting is done right away. Later on – when the wood is dry and tough – it is more difficult.

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The pieces of firewood also have a better chance of drying properly before next winter the faster they are chopped. Especially if you also stack the firewood outdoors in a well-ventilated, sunny spot with a roof over it.

As soon as spring returns, the sap tension rises again. The trees prepare to come into leaf and grow. Then it is too late to fell your wood for next winter.

Then spring comes – and it's time to enjoy it! For if the firewood isn't sawed, split and stacked, there is no rush; it will have to dry another year anyway – so there is plenty of time for a stroll in the woods! J

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