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Finally. Spring is here.



Finally. Spring is here.

Inspiration for your outdoor area

The days have grown lighter. Longer. Energy is coming back. The birds are chirping. Hurray, it is spring! Are you also just coming out of winter hibernation? Are you just like me – anxious to get out into the fresh air, under a blue sky, and start working in the garden or on the patio? Then read on.

At RAIS, we have a unique outdoor collection with outdoor fireplaces, grills and torches – all of which help create a warm and inviting outdoor space. Do you dream of sitting around a fire with friends and family on a warm summer evening? Here you will find plenty of inspiration and ideas on how to create the perfect setting for outdoor life this spring and summer.

All our outdoor products are naturally of the very best craftsmanship and quality. And when I say craftsmanship, I really do mean craftsmanship. Everything is made by hand – from the moment the steel plates arrive at the shop, until the finished product is ready for market. We cut the plates, bend them into shape, weld, polish and assemble the individual parts – and, finally, we place the finished product outdoors, exposed to the elements.

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RAIS RA mindre

RAIS is situated with a fabulous view of the sea, and the salty sea air helps give the products their wonderful rusty patina. To create even more beautiful results, each product is also watered with saltwater for weeks – several times a day. It is a long process to create just the right rusty look – but it is worth the effort. Each piece becomes unique, with its own expression and nuance.

Can you hear it? The patio is calling! Enjoy! I have chopped some wood and dusted off the lawn chairs!

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And voilà – inspiration!
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