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Creatures of the darkness be gone! Let there be light ☺



Creatures of the darkness be gone! Let there be light ☺

Just twenty years ago or so Halloween began gaining popularity in Europe – a tradition that spread from the US. Actually it was Irish and Scottish immigrants that originally brought the custom with them when they immigrated to America...

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Anyway – it has inspired us.
The shorter, darker days beckon us to light a fire!

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Monsters, ghosts and other creatures must, of course, be chased away. The kind of scoundrel that lurks in the dark despises fire, light and candles...

And so we light a fire in the stove indoors and out, carve jack-o-lanterns and put a candle in them – and celebrate the warm orange glow of Halloween.

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So to the darkness: Bring it on! We'll light a fire, candles and create warmth – and hygge!


Amidst nature, culture and design...
The usual story… ☺
With Q-Tee in the treetops…
My identity as a wood-burning stove user is being put to the test...


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