Design it yourself…
How daring are you?



How daring are you?

Design with colour – and stoves.

How does a stove become an integral part of your interior design? How does it work together with the rest of the interior and, not the least, with the colours you want in your home?

To help you with all this, RAIS has partnered with Dyrup to help show you how our different coloured stoves go together with the latest colour trends. Dyrup's colour expert Annette Høj Vraa has selected a range of exciting new colours that will inspire you and show you how your RAIS stove can contrast, intensify or compliment the wall colour in your home.


But just how daring are you when it comes to colours and walls? For those of you who aren't afraid to try something new, dusty violet, B56 Amethyst, with grey undertones may be right up your alley. The colour has been chosen by Dyrup as colour of the year for 2017 and it is trending on the international design and interior scene.

Whether you prefer discrete and minimalistic, daring and racy, retro or kitsch – you will find a RAIS design and colour that matches your home interior and your Dyrup colour choice perfectly.

So go ahead and get your paintbrushes out. I think I'm going to get mine!

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