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Designer's choice: streamlined with charm...



Designer's choice: streamlined with charm...

A picture on Instagram led me to designer Bruno Jakobsen, who had incorporated a RAIS inset into a wall built specifically for it.

And now I have had the pleasure to experience for myself his gorgeous summer home in Ebeltoft, Denmark – a home that is both classic and, at the same time, modern in expression.

The silver cabin in the woods is what the designer calls his 80-square-meter summer home, which was completed just before the start of winter. The name refers to the Canadian cedar façade. Over time, the wood will become a silvery grey matching the building's metal roof and floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Outside JAN18 5819
Silver cabin in the woods – Canadian cedar turns a silvery grey over time…

The home's warm heart

At the centre of the house – across from the sofa, where most people would probably place a TV – is the wood-burning stove, a RAIS Q-Tee 2, on a long, low firewood unit. The stove serves as a focal and gathering point for the entire home. In other words: hygge is front and centre! The streamlined and minimalistic stove fits perfectly into the style of the home.

Inside JAN18 5742
Terry the dog enjoys the warmth radiating from the stove…

Classic and new

Design classics by Børge Mogensen, Poul Kjærholm and Alvar Aalto, among others, have found their way into Bruno Jakobsen's home in the woods. Here, they decorate the home in beautiful harmony with the more modern details, such as ceramic vases, marble tabletops and brass fixtures in both the kitchen and bathroom. Bruno tells us that door and other handles in hospitals, for instance, used to be made of brass, because the material is antibacterial. Micro-organisms do not thrive on brass. What's more, over time the brass acquires a handsome patina, creating a slightly raw, unpolished look.

Such a clever and beautifully executed design always gives food for thought, I think. Inspiration. Thanks to Bruno for inviting us in.

Inside JAN18 5727
Details: knobs, sink, fixtures and even the specially-designed knobs on the gas stove are made of brass…
Inside JAN18 5794
"The Spanish chair" by Børge Mogensen next to the side table from Lapalma and the Lyngby vase in delicate green

Inside JAN18 5774
The summer home also serves as Bruno's home office…

Designer Bruno Jakobsen designed, drew and decorated the home. Originally a trained craftsman, he now runs his own interior design business, where he has worked with design, interior design and architecture for twelve years. His clients include Magasin, Dermalogica, Fritz Hansen and others.

Explore more of Bruno Jakobsen's work here, and read more about the Q-Tee 2 stove here.

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